Mickey Mouse Pizza comes to town!

Learn to make a fun and easy Mickey Mouse Pizza with your little one this vacation!


Ingredients for the dough:

 1 kg all purpose flour

750 ml room temperature water

15 gms salt

11 gms dry yeast

For the topping:
A cup of tomato paste
A handful of Mozzarella cheese
Few slices of Pepperoni
Couple of slices of Capsicum
Few slices of turkey ham
A handful of Black Olives
Salt to taste
 A drizzle of Olive oil

 Method for the dough:

First put the flour in a bowl and then add salt. In a separate glass, mix yeast with room temperature water. Now make a hole in the middle of the flour, add some water along with the water mixed with the yeast. Now slowly start mixing the flour with water. Work the dough with both hands for at least ten minutes till the dough its soft. Now take a ball of 150 gms and keep it aside in a wet cloth for 4 hours at room temperature.

To make the Mickey Mouse Pizza:

 Take the dough that has been rested and place it on an aluminum pan/tray and pat some flour on it, press it deep and then stretch it gently until it is circular. Use a pizza cutter and make a small parting half way to the centre and stretch the parting  and fold to make two flaps—these will serve as ‘ears’ of the Mickey Mouse. Now brush the tomato sauce on the ‘ears and ‘face’ of the Mickey Mouse. Next add mozzarella pieces. Place some olives on the ‘ears’ and as ‘eyes’ and ‘nose’ for the Mickey Mouse while the turkey ham will be placed on the ears. Place the capsicum slices as an outline for the face and place the pepperoni slices as mouth. The Mickey Mouse Pizza is ready to be baked. Bake it till the crust is golden. Your Mickey Mouse Pizza is ready to be enjoyed!